Astrex History
Astrex History

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Leslie donated two rabbits, Waimea and Whisper, to our Astrex Breeding program and also kindly donated the payment cost for their shipment to Louisiana. We warmly and sincerely thank you, Leslie !!

Shannon, Leslie's friend, who kept Waimea and Whisper until they shipped in Louisiana. Thank you kindly, Shannon for taking such good care of the girls !

Mr. Bob Whitman of Rare Bits and Pieces Rabbitry in Beaumont, TX and author of the wonderful, new, dynamic all breeds book, "Domestic Rabbits and Their Histories ~ Breeds of the World" Thank you, Mr. Bob, for being a wonderful bunny buddy and thank you for my beloved bucks, Storm and Ocean !!

Dr. Steven Douglas Lukefahr, of Texas A&M University. Thank you for allowing me to bounce all my Astrex theories off you, and for always being there and taking time to answer my questions to the best of your ability, even with your busy schedule :-) Rett

Thank you most kindly to Dr. James McNitt and his rabbitry manager, Lonnie Parker, (Of Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA) for all their help in Dec 04/Jan 05 with the rabbit stock sent in from Dr. LukeFahr. Thank you, Jim and Lonnie. Rett :-)

Mark and son, Brandon, delivering Bailey and Ruffles and siblings, from Michigan, to Louisiana in his 18 wheeler, to donate to our Astrex Rabbits redevelopment program. Thank you kindly, Rett
(May 2004)

Shannon and her family kindly donated Ruffles to our Astrex Breeding Program. Ruffles had curly/wavy fur as a kit and now retains wavy fur with some curls as an adult. I / we, sincerely thank Kathy, Shannon, Danielle, Brandon and Mark for their wonderful donation. Mark, Kathy's husband, and son Brandon, graciously delivered Ruffles, her Mom, and two siblings to Louisiana, in his 18 wheeler from Michigan, when a run south miraculously opened up for him. Thank you all most kindly, Rett

Leslie in Hawaii, with Waimea and Whisper, on their last day there, before leaving for Louisiana.

Thank you kindly, to Mr. Stephen Roush, of Ringgold, GA for saving me 11 tan curly wavy mini rex to add as outcross development stock for our Astrex Rabbit ReDevelopment Program. This stock came out of his "Tan" Mini Rex Developmental lines. I made a visit to his rabbitry March 25, 2006 to purchase/pick up the stock. Mr. Steve is an ARBA Judge and long time rabbit breeder. His 20 year plus rabbitry name is Moon Shadow Rabbitry. Thank you Mr. Steve for your kindness and help !! :-) Rett

"Thank you to all others that have contributed tidbits of information on Astrex Rabbits."

Thank you to Miss Judy Le Marchant, in the UK, for sending the Current BRC Astrex standard about 18 months ago.

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