Astrex History
Astrex History

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Astrex Rabbits are NOT currently offered for sale yet. If anyone has sold you, or is trying to sell you, an "astrex" rabbit do not be fooled. The breed (named and copyrighted/trademarked by us as Astrex Rabbits / American Astrex Rabbit Breed) is still under development and any animals sold, or any animals offered for sale, are NOT endorsed by us, Astrex Rabbits / American Astrex Rabbit Breed / or Astrex Rabbits Rabbitry.

Astrex Rabbit Authenticity Voucher and Sales Status

We are not currently offering any Astrex Rabbits ~ curly rabbits / Astrex Type Rabbits / Kinky Furred Rabbits / or Wavy Rabbits of any type, kind, or variety, for sale, purchase, loan, lease, or donation, to other breeders, or the public, at this time.

As of this date, January 4th, 2002 ~~ we do not currently know when we will begin offering Astrex or Astrex Type Rabbits for sale, purchase, lease, loan, donation, etc.

Please email me, Rett, at if you would like me/us to add your contact information/sales inquiry to our "Astrex Rabbit Sales waiting list".

This page / text / website/ etc. is to be considered Astrex Rabbits (meaning property of Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman of Louisiana) / Rett's / Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm's, Official Public Notification and Authenticity Voucher / Sales Status page.

We do not, and will not, endorse any type of sales, etc. of any Astrex Rabbit (curly) or Astrex Type Rabbit (curly/wavy) or any wavy, or kinky furred rabbit stock at this time OR UNTIL written notification of such, posted herein.

REASONS we will not sell or endorse / back selling of Astrex Type stock YET is because:
  1. The wave / curl genes are not fully stabilized yet.
  2. The modifier genes involved are not fully stabilized yet.
  3. I have nearly 4 ˝ years of intense research and Astrex Type Rabbit study, observations, theories, in Astrex Rabbit redevelopment, and do not wish my research, breeding work, or Astrex Type stock, or any Astrex Type stock, sold, etc. until we have fully redeveloped Astrex Rabbits to their wonderful olden yesteryear beauty of velvety furred, rex length, super curly coated rabbits.
  4. We are dedicated to FULL RE ~ DEVELOPMENT of Astrex Rabbits ~~ Curly Wavy Bunnies, CURLY REX COATED rabbits, and do not, will not, endorse in any form, selling of partially developed stock, hybrid stock or "mock astrex type stock" which means, mini rex or rex stock that gains temporary curl/wave and then molts out this non Astrex related curl/wave to normal mini rex or rex fur. (This is sometimes a temporary state/condition/phase of mini rex or rex kits' coats, that often means they will have a good density of adult coats but do not carry a wave gene).
  5. I state this most humbly… I am the leading Astrex Rabbit World Expert of our time, and our Astrex/Astrex Type stock is not fully developed yet. Even with all the Astrex/Astrex Type stock I have including Ripples, Storm, Ocean, River, Kid, Tides, Blessing, Rain Bow, etc. My Astrex Type stock is only about 75/80 percent of full curl development thus far. I write this in protection of true Astrex Rabbits, and potential buyers of such, and also because I would dearly hate to see any good rabbit breeder, or any good person, (especially a youth breeder) be taken in by anyone stating they have fully developed Astrex Rabbit stock when they do not... Please be aware of this:
    In the last 3 years we've had several "contacts" of unknown origin claim to have curly rex and upon farther investigation they could not back up their claims with photos, stock or any type of proof or verification of such. I would not, and do not, endorse things of that nature. I've / we've had no proof of any one world wide having fully developed Astrex Rabbit stock, or Astrex Type stock, in nearly 6 years of searches, research and re~development work. To our knowledge other than us (Astrex Rabbits Curly Wavy Bunnies / Astrex Rabbits ) and the helper rabbitries on this site, we know of no one else working on curly wavy rex rabbits other than a few Australian rabbit breeders whom we have been in 2 year contact with via emails and photos.
    Also, no one with "sport" Astrex Type mutations that have appeared in litters are, or have been, working on development of curly rex. Most breeders that have had a sports appear has very graciously donated the kit/s to us because they realize it will take much farther gene development and time to stabilize the curl and wave, and develop it fully to reproduce concisely curly wavy rabbits that will breed completely true. It's takes a much work, dedication, time, effort, and some finances to fully develop a rabbit breed of any kind, especially one that has been nearly extinct for 60 years...
  6. There is still much stabilizing of genes, modifiers, etc left to do.
  7. I am dedicated to FULL Astrex Rabbit Re~Development and will not settle for selling stock at this time.
  8. Any breeder listed on this site as my Astrex Rabbit helper/ and or redeveloper breeder is not, and shall not be endorsed by me, for any type of sales of Astrex type stock or kinky furred stock at this time… OR UNTIL Written notice herein.
  9. MY GOAL In Astrex Rabbit Re ~ Development is to produce a uniformed, stabilized, all over curl of short velvety rex length fur in my/our stock. This cannot be done over night.
  10. We are working with genes and modifier genes nearly completely lost to the rabbit world in Astrex Rabbit Redevelopment. Not since the 1940's has there been a fully curled stabilized version of Astrex Rabbit Vairety.
  11. The TRUE curl / wave gene had nearly been irradicated from the rex and mini rex breeds over the last 60 years.
  12. My dedication is to see Astrex Rabbit re~development of quality curly rexed rabbits that breed true. The goal of this is:

For the purpose of ensuring Astrex Rabbit quality of future sales and survival of Astrex Rabbits in our furture and for generations to come.

Trademarked/ Copyrighted names property of Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman / Astrex Rabbits, Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm, are as follows:
  1. Astrex Rabbit/s
  2. Curly Wavy Bunnies
  3. Astrex Rabbits Curly Wavy Bunnies
  4. American Astrex Rabbits
  5. Curly Wavy Rex
  6. Curly Rabbits
  7. Water Waved Rabbits
  8. Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm
Use/reproduction of any listed names/ titles/ words/ phrases listed above is strictly forbidden and restricted under law and violations/violators will / shall be charged/convicted under the full extend of legal ramifications allowed by law. No permission use shall or will be considered valid or legal without written signed consent and signed signature, of Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman (Rett) of Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm.


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