Astrex History
Astrex History

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Mr. Larry Coble and son, Danny, of Hotel Californian Rabbitry.

Larry contributes leads and information for Astrex Reading Material, Book Titles, and Old Photos for us.

Courtesy of Larry Coble :
" I was re-reading J.C. Sandford's fifth edition of The Domestic Rabbit last night. Published in 1995. He gives a description of the Astrex but says "rare possibly extinct." This is coming from someone that had been at the top of the BRC and written earlier editions of The Domestic Rabbit for 40 or so years."
(sent by Larry, to Rett, in email 7/17/2004)

This title, "Rabbit Raising for Profit" by Marcellus W. Meek LL.B. copyright 1947 can still be obtained through various used book stores ranging in price from approximately $15.00 to $30.00.

From: Fur and Flesh-Producing Rabbits, Various Authors, Publisher: Fur and Feather, Idle, Bradford, and London,Date: Appears late 1940's

Page 135 The Rex Varieties by F.G. Woodgate Article length is approximately 5 pages. Single entry on Astrex: "A recently evolved variety is the Astrex - the Rex rabbit with the coat of astrakhan."

ADVERTISEMENTS in Fur and Flesh-Producing Rabbits:
Page 65:
Full page advertisement as follows:
Breeder of High-Class
Blue Beverens, Havana-Rex Astrex.
Stock usually for sale
Invitations Invited
Approved Buyer of Domestic Rabbit Club Products
North-Eastern Area
Write for Particulars, Labels, and Full Information to:
John Wood
Fish, Game and Poultry Salesman,
23 Victoria St.
Phone: 423 'Grams"John Wood, Huddersfield"

Page 152:
Quarter Page Ad:
Black Seal Rex Line Bred from Championship Blood
See Also Under Foxes
Enquiries Replied to by Return
Mrs. Deane
(member British Rabbit Council)
Malmesbury Vicarage
near Swindon, Wilts.

Page 156:
Half Page Ad:
Caedmon Stud
High Quality Lilac Astrex
Lilac-Rex & Siamese Sable-Rex
Youngsters Occasionally Available for Sale at 4 Months Upwards
Enquiries Invited. SAE for Reply, Bookings being taken
T.S. Warters, M.B.R.C., M.B.R.R.S, M.L.L.C.
22, Parkside, East Herrington, Sunderland.

Page 163:
Full Page Ad:
How do you pick your stock - just pick them yourself or have the help of an experienced fancier - guess and luck should not decide. I offer you years of experience
My Speciality:
Lilac Astrex, Lilac Rex, by Bovington Lilac Lad
Martin Sables and Siamese Sables
Particulars: B. Marshall
Eastover - Bridgewater - Somerset
Phone 2022

Page 167:
Full Page Ad:
Briarwood Stud
Lynx-Rex, Astrex, Sable-Rex, Havana-Rex, Normal Sable, and Havana
The only way to Obtain Quality Stock is to Use the Best Blood Possible.
The does in my rabbitry are mated to the best Stud Bucks in the Fancy. Whenever it is possible to use a Champion I do so - and find it a guarantee of Quality, and Satisfaction. Book now and be sure of your Quality.
Correspondence a Pleasure
S.A.E. for particulars, please.
John Minks,
10, Hawes Avenue
Little Horton, Bradford.

Page 173:
Quarter Page Ad:
Mrs. K.M. Carter
M.B.R.C., S.R.R.A.
Breeder of High Class Ermine-Rex, Astrex, Sable-Rex.
Enquiries Invited, phone Elmbridge 4329
"Iffley," 27, The Ridge, Surbiton

Other References to Astrex:
Ads: >From October 1947 Small Stock Magazine Classified Ads
LILAC ASTREX BUCKS, seniors. Put Astrex curl on your colored or Whiterex. $25 each. Pem's Rabbitry, 3010 - 10th Ave., No., St. Petersburg, Florida.

>From Sept. 1946 Small Stock Magazine Classified Ads
BLUE AND LILAC ASTREX Pedigreed Juniors, born curly, from imported British Champion Stock, $45 per pair, $65 per trio. Also Pedigreed Imperial White Satins, Reasonable. William A. Gash, Route 1, B338-G, Glenview, Illinois

* Information courtesy of Mr. Larry Coble *

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