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Curly Wavy Fur Type
(Astrex Rabbit Curly Wavy Velvet REXed Fur)
This is our GOAL... for Astrex Rabbit ReDevelopment...
Fully Curly Velvet Furred Rex Lenght Fur All Over Each Rabbit.

Curly Wavy Fur Type that needs Softening Slightly to the Velvet Rexed Fur

Ripples Exhibits all Three Fur Types used in Astrex Rabbit Re~Development: Curly, Wavy and Kinky... Please see our Fur Textures and Our Astrex Pages for more information. OUR GOAL is CURLY Velvet Soft REXed fur for the Final Fully Developed Astrex Rabbit pairs and Trios we hope to begin offering for sale to the public in 2006. :-)

Wavy Kinky Fur Type.

Wonderfully Curly Fur that needs Softening to Velvet Rexed Fur and needs Thickening Slightly.

Keeper ~~ Curly and Wavy Fur on Sides, belly, Rump with a Satiny sheen.

Close up of Fur Texture of Keeper

Curly Wavy Fur slightly courser than velvet rex. Wonderful Curl. Photo Feb 2005

Nitt ~~ Curly wavy REW Buck. He has slightly longer than rex fur but curly wavy. We will breed him with soft velvet furred does to soften the texture of the curl.

Wavy Kinky Fur Type.

Wavy Kinky Fur Type.

Close up of wavy feet and torso.

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Astrex Rabbits

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