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Animals & Kids ~~ Magic Moments
Educating with Animals :-)

" Touch Rett with your mouse pointer to see her change to a bunny !! "

Animals and kids go together like fish and water, like ice-cream and chocolate syrup, like the stars and the moon :-) If you really want to "see" magic.... watch kids interact with animals ... and animals interact with kids... You will see the amazing, the funny, the wonderful, the love, the "magic"... Anyone that doesn't believe in magic has never seen children and animals playing and interacting with each other. They will make you roll in laughter until you cry.

Animals can teach kids many things including:
Love, responsibility, caring for another living thing, kindness, concern, hope, and of course how to have carefree fun and just pure joy. Animals & Kids are as natural as sunshine, because they are meant to enhance each other. Owning a pet imparts so much to a child, especially when the child is required to care for the pet himself/herself. (with parental supervision of course) Kids learn that they, even as children, are capable of taking care of a living thing, and this usually brings a great sense of accomplishment to kids, along with a sense of pride and confidence in themselves. :-)

Birds make great pets but nothing quite compares to a child snuggling with a bunny, a pup or a kitten. Rabbits make extremely clean house pets and do not require the maintenance of a puppy or kitten. Most rabbits learn to use litter pans as readily as most kittens, and the odor of bunny is much less...from a litter pan, than that of a cat. House rabbit pets develop personalities similar to puppies or kittens because they are allowed to interact more with family / people than an outdoor rabbit would. House rabbits become much less timid, more adventuresome, more interactive with family members and can be hilariously funny and fun family pets.

Ripples, my harlequin Astrex house rabbit carries his stuffed little bunny toys around like a his mouth. He carriers them all over the house... jumps on the couch with them...shakes the toys, throws the toy stuffed buns, etc. He also LOVES car keys...and socks to drag around and carry and toss and throw. When he wants me to pick him up he runs up to my feet and scratches the top of them with his front paws... (Actually Ripples, is entirely TOO SMART for a bunny !! LOL) Ripples also eats breakfast (cereal) at his own little picnic table out of his own breakfast bowl in the mornings. He will actually get in the bed and wake me up to get up and feed him !

For many years we have scheduled educational animal visits to day cares, head starts, schools, libraries, churches, and nursing homes, when our free time permits. The animals taken / used in these programs through the years have been: White doves, rabbits of all breeds, sugargliders, a dwarf goat, at one time a couple of lizards, and occasionally a chicken or two. Now days, we basically stick to bunnies and sugargliders.

If anyone would be interested in us visiting your school, headstart, church, etc with some of our animals please write to Rett at: We must schedule appointments well in advance, and as I work during the week, I must make arrangements to fit your visit into my work schedule. We do not normally do out of state visits as time and funds rarely allow such. We (as in Rett, my nephews, and helpers) usually only do local appointments in the Baton Rouge, Hammond, Denham Springs, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Sonja Benjamin may also be available for limited appointments in the Northern IL area with Phantom or Athena her Great Danes. Phantom and Athena are retired Therapy Dogs. For more information email Sonja at:


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