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Rabbit Directory - A directory of the best rabbit sites.

The Language of Lagomorphs - What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back

The Language of Lagomorphs - Use this helpful guide to understand what your rabbit us saying!

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - Conservation Priority Lists

International Curly Horse Organization Research Council

Original Journal of Genetics article - The 'Rex' Type of Coat In the Domestic Cat - Vanecek Bunny Farm

BunnyRabbits.Org Rabbit Search Directory

The website of REX rabbit - a french rex rabbit breeder

Earth Guardians - Ecology and Environmental Directory

South Texas Rabbits - The Rabbit Research Center at TAMUK

ANSC Dr. Lukefahr - Dr. Steven Lukefahr

American Branch of the World Rabbit Science Association AB-WRSA

Ryuko usagi shukkai zue (Rabbit show exhibition list), NDL Newsletter 129 - History of the Harlequin Rabbits in Japan?? Wooden painted blocks depicting strangely marked rabbits... hmmm and possible a few tri colors?

Sporting Rabbit - I found this article about 2 years ago. I firmly believe this is the beginnings of the LionHead Mane gene. I posted this article and link on several yahoo groups. I've been told it was used in a woman's rabbit book in reference to lion head mane after my post were made of it.

Rare Bits & Pieces  Rabbits by Rare Bits and Pieces - Mr. Bob Whitman of Beaumont, TX - custom rabbit, dog, holiday, (and more) Embroideries, great for aprons and coats. Embroidered on the materials or as patches! - A Great Dane site that's fun for all dog lovers!

Wild baby Rabbit Care Part 1

Wild Baby Rabbit Care Part 2

Equine Genetics - Charles Gaskins & Andi Kohler

Are Bad Hair Days Genetic? - Trustworthy, Physician-Reviewed Information from WebMD - (Frizzled6 Gene in Mice causes their hair to grow in curly and rosetted in all directions ~~ Hmmmm, this would follow my Astrex theories that another gene is involved in true Astrex rabbits with water waved, curly, rosetted rex fur.)

Breeds - Astrex - Curly furred Mice Types - For the serious rabbit breeder; fancy or commercial

TAMUK Prof works to Save Breeds from Global Extinction - Dr. Steven Lukefahr only US geneticist invited to 1999 Food and Agriculture United Nations meeting

striped rabbit  BBC News: Striped rabbit revealed in Laos forest - Only the second striped rabbit species known

Southeast Asian Rainforests

Southeast Asia's Illegal Wildlife Trade - Profits, Demand Fuel Commerce in Endangered Species

Wonderful Animal Educational Site for CHILDREN of all Ages! (Offers lots of free information and membership for small yearly fee)

GEO Year Book 2003 - List of countries and endangered species/habitate loss

Dr. George Anthon, Jr. DC / Anthon Chiropractic Care offers
Excellent alternative health care in Louisiana, Hammond, LA area.

  ~~ Chiropractic Care ~~ Healing the Natural Way ~~

  CCA Louisiana - Louisiana Coastal Conservation Association

  Animal Info - World's Rarest Mammals Riverine Rabbit - Less that 250 mature animals, (pictured above)

Kids' Planet ESPECIES Animal Fact Sheets - (List Endangered Species of many animals)

Endangered Species Information, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Wild Life and Fisheries

AMNH - Expedition : Endangered!

Endangered Species -

WDFW -- Pygmy Rabbit Recovery Activities - This site has video footage of the buns, and recovery breeding program.

LSG Home Page - Lagomorph Specialist Group

The Thylacine Museum - A site full of information, pictures, and movies of the now extinct marsupial often referred to as the Tasmanian "tiger" or "wolf".

  News Release Department of the Interior U - Riparian Brush Rabbit

Gesundheit! Institute - Patch Adams

CybeRose Garden

Oak Branch Woods

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