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Astrex History
Astrex History

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18 month old fully waved Astrex Buck
from Raising Rabbits For Profit by M.W. Meek
circa 1947





Hi there !! I'm Rett,

Welcome to Astrex Rabbits !! :-) Come see our StoryBook FairyTale curly/wavy bunnies! Since finding Astrex, some times I feel like a kid caught up in a wonderful fairytale! I recall thinking years ago "Wouldn't a curly bunny be wonderful?" "Wouldn't a curly mini rex be wonderful?" ~ "Could such a rabbit be created or exist...?" This was more than five years ago...and I didn't know then that curly rex rabbits had once existed and were more than mere dreams. I will personally, never, quite understand why they were allowed to perish to such near extinction. It saddens me greatly to know once upon a time, curly wavy bunnies thrived and flourished and then was allowed to die. So now, after nearly 5 long years of work, they are a little less near extinction... Now, they have hope of not only surviving, but thriving again! It is my goal that a hundred years from now my beloved curly bunnies will be alive and well and thriving. It will all be worth it if they are. If I / we, are remembered as saving them, then that will be wonderful also, if not, it will be enough to know THEY are alive and well. I hope to never read, "Once upon a time there was once a breed of curly rex"... but instead for generations to come to read, "There exist and thrive in our time Astrex Rabbits ~~ curly wavy rex saved many years ago from near extinction."

Thank you most kindly,

Sincerely, Rett

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