Astrex History
Astrex History

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Astrex Rabbit Genetics

Astrex, curly / wavy rex fur is supposed to be an autosomal monogenic recessive…meaning non sex chromosome linked and a one gene recessive. It is recessive to rex fur type and other fur types…and extremely rare.

It is my personal belief, and theory, of nearly four years, that we will one day prove it is also modifier color linked and/or dilution and/or broken color linked.

Astrex (curly/wavy) rex fur first appeared as a "sport" mutation and still does today although Astrex are nearly completely extinct to the rabbit world.

By: Rett
(Loretta Ann Bowman)

Rett with a cottontail kit saved, rehabilitated, & released.

Rett / Cottontail Kit
"All animals are born tame and made wild by mankind."

My book on Astrex Rabbits will soon be available. It is a soft cover approximately 80 pages and a complete booklet of 4 years of compiled Astrex information gathered from anywhere and everywhere. It took nearly that long to compile bits and tiny scraps of information on Astrex.

Book Name: American Astrex Rabbits
~~ Saving Curly Wavy Rex
Author: Rett ~~ Loretta Ann Bowman

This book covers, in extended reading, genetics, care, breeding stock development, history, what to look for in Astrex Stock and Developmental stock, American Astrex Rabbit Breed Association formation, AARB club formation, goals of the future of Astrex rabbits, stock today, stock of yesteryear, etc.

Price will be: $17.00 plus shipping. First Edition Printing will be limited to 75 originally signed / numbered copies only.

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