Astrex History
Astrex History

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After much consideration and thought, we have decided that perhaps we should accept donations to Astrex Rabbit Re~Development.

If anyone feels in their heart they would like to donate to our efforts at saving these olden, magical, story book, fairy tale, curly bunnies from near extinction, then we will most graciously and thankfully accept your donations of:

  1) ~~ cages / cages (badly needed)
  2) ~~ rabbit supplies
  3) ~~ monetary funds (to be used toward research / stock care / supplies) (needed)
  4) ~~ possible Astrex Type stock (needed) (in the form of curly / wavy sport kits that may appear in litters)
  5) ~~ updated / New computer and equipment (badly needed)
  6) ~~ olden books with Astrex Information (needed)
  7) ~~ offers by lab facilities for DNA blueprinting of our Astrex stock
  8) ~~ possible sponsors for backing our Astrex Re~Development effort
  9) ~~ Prayers and good wishes that this will be one breed, of one animal, that will not be lost to extinction !! Seeing Astrex, curly rex re~developed and thriving is my gift/our gift to the world… Saving this rare breed of rabbit is one drop in the conservation bucket of saving our animal species… and it's a drop I can contribute, We can contribute.

Please send/ship any and all donations to:
American Astrex Rabbits
  c/o Rett
P.O. Box 443
Springfield, LA 70462

All donations will go toward Astrex stock care, record keeping, housing, supplies, and for farther research and development efforts, and shall be distributed among us, as redevelopment breeders, to farther Astrex Development, and ease the strain, a little on our own personal finances/funds/efforts by providing additional funding, supplies, etc.

For nearly five years I have labored to bring Astrex Rabbits back from near extinction… These gorgeous curly rex rabbits are about as near as an animal or species can come to being extinct, without actually being so... After nearly 5 years of research and re~development work, I can honestly state I only know of approximately 45 to 55 or less, world wide. They were trying to bring back a line in Australia last year from a few wavy sports appearing in litters. Other than US, and them, I know of no others in the world trying to re ~ establish Astrex rabbits in an active breeding redevelopment program.

Until now, this donations page (May 24th, 2004), I have used all of my own funds, for the last five years , toward Astrex redevelopment. I have literally done without for myself ~~ to buy more cages, ship in possible Astrex type sport kits, search and buy olden books with Astrex information, buy rabbit feed and supplies, and continue the research and development. Do I get tired with these efforts ? Of course, at times I do, but then I hold, Ripples, (my harlequin Astrex type house bunny), in my arms, and think what a horrible loss the Rabbit World, and world in general, will have if someone does not save these wonderful rabbits…

So I continue… and will continue, with or without donations and help… However, I do know though that there are many wonderful generous people out there, and many will be willing to donate and help me/us. We are not nonprofit because eventually, in another year or two, we would like to begin selling Astrex rabbit pairs to other rabbit people / the public to help ensure their continued survival after our redevelopment.

It's been hard at times , over the last five years with very little help but it's been a labor of love. Ms. Margaret Bakalar has been my bunny breeder buddy and helper, right off the bat, and without her devoted efforts and love toward me, and the rabbits, Astrex Rabbit re~development would not be where it is today. I love you, Ms. Margaret, and thank you from the heart.

About One and a half years ago Larry begin helping me with research from olden books. Sonja and Stacy came into the picture not long after that, with sport mutations of Astrex Types appearing in litters. They became devoted to helping Ms. Margaret and I, with keeping stock, hunting new stock, and in general, being darlings about helping with Re~Development, which was a relief for me, because we needed help, with others willing to keep stock, yet not sell until development is farther along. I'm thankful for Sonja and Stacy helping with development and for Larry helping with information / books he may fine….I'm thankful for all three of them.

Sonja has done my site for me… Our site… She has patiently read and followed, at the very least, 100 emailed directions from me on site colors, designs, look, text, pages, information, etc. She has painstakingly designed each detail I pictured in my mind for this site, from the heart on the front page, to the sparkling "Astrex Rabbits" words, to the font for the text, to the exact background colors. Thank you, Sonja, for taking my dreams and making them available for all the world to see ! Many hugs, Rett. YOU truly work magic with your web design talents!

For all who donate to our efforts: I thank each of you most kindly and sincerely for believing in us and Astrex enough to prove it with your kind help. Thank you from the heart, Rett

Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm
American Astrex Rabbits / Astrex Rabbits
Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman
P.O. Box 443
Springfield, LA 70462
Phone: 225-209-1740

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