Astrex History
Astrex History

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AARBC was founded: June 2003

By: Rett ~~~~

Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman
Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm
American Astrex Rabbits Rabbitry
P.O. Box 443
Springfield, LA 70462

Founding Breeders & Researchers:

Loretta Ann Bowman   (Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm)
Sonja Benjamin   (Mythical Danes Rabbitry)

Literary Historian:

Larry Coble   (Hotel Californian)


Steven Lukefahr   (Texas A&M University)

Past Members:

Margaret Bakalar
(member no longer active)
  (Precious Few Bunnies)

**All dedicated to saving Astrex rabbits from Extinction**

AARBC (American Astrex Rabbit Breed Club) was founded for the purpose of promoting and breeding Astrex Rabbits, which are curly/wavy coated rex furred rabbits, which carry the double recessive wa wa (wave gene) that produces a curly, and / or, curly/wavy rex furred coat.

According to my research, Astrex rabbits were bred in England in the 1930's and 1940's and perhaps in France before 1900. (Possibly bred at one time in Scotland also.) Marcellus Meek imported most of the best Astrex rabbit specimens from England to America in the 1940's.

From then until 1999, when I begin research on Astrex rabbits very little public information could be found. It has taken over 3 1/2 years of intensive research and Astrex rabbit specimen searches/still developing specimen breedings, to compile enough data, information, knowledge, (and hopefully some wisdom) for this web domain/site, club, etc.

Our Goals:
  1. To develop Curly/Wavy Coated Rex Furred Rabbits
    ~~American Astrex Rabbit Breed~~ that carry the wa wa gene, making them true Astrex, to an exact breed, stablilizing curl/wave, and producing several size groups, as we go.
  2. To inform, guide, and educate people on wonderful curly/wavy rex furred rabbits.
  3. To establish a world wide domain/site and club for AARBC members to join with us to prevent the extinction of Curly/wavy Astrex rabbits.

The purpose of this Goal:
To save curly/wavy "storybook fairytale bunnies" (Astrex rabbits) from extinction once again.

NOTE: Marcellus Meek tried to establish Astrex rabbits in the 1940's, for some reason, his dream and Astrex rabbits seemingly died with him. Sixty years later, we've picked up the reins… That will not occur again. The American Astrex Rabbit Breed will develop, flourish and thrive. We have set a tentative working standard for breeding, a web domain and this site is purchased and built, a AARB Club established, curly/wavy rabbit specimens have developed ~~ my dream, OUR dream, of non extinction of the breed, is becoming a reality. I read something long ago somewhere, about saving animal species…and I quote: "You will love something, and teach others how…"
Thank you kindly and sincerely,

Loretta Bowman ~~ Sonja Benjamin ~~ Steven Lukefahr ~~ Larry Coble

Disclaimer: Astrex Rabbits and American Astrex Rabbit Rabbitries (and sub rabbitries named) are not partnered in association with any other rabbitries unless expressly named herein on this site/our private sites in writting.

If membership Privileges in AARBC are cancelled for any member for any valid reason according to AARBC staff decisions for dismissal of membership, then they will no longer be allowed AARBC privileges or updates, or known as an American Astrex Rabbit Breed Club member. If Re - Acceptance is considered at a later date the applicant must first go through a reinstatement vote before membership application shall be reconsidered for membership reinstatement/and/or renewal. AARBC retains the right to cancel membership if necessary.

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