Astrex History
Astrex History

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Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman
of Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm in LA.
Hello, I'm Rett :-) Thank you for looking through our extensive Astrex Rabbits Website. For five years we have diligently worked on Re~Developing our beloved curly wavy rex.

"Logan, my 10 year old great nephew that attends some of the ARBA rabbits shows with me when we show Mini Rex and Netherlands. He's a GREAT help, lots of fun, and I love having him along. Aunt Rett~er"
Please take a moment to read below:

Ms. Margaret helped the first two years, and she told me it's not necessary to have her on the Astrex Rabbits Curly Wavy Bunny site. She says "Baby You don't have to do that..." (put up her picture) I told her "YES" I do... and I also told her she's shoveled more than enough bunny poop, and that she MUST be here also. Without her help and efforts We would not be where we are today with Astrex Rabbit Development. ~~ Ya'll see... I lost my own Mom when I was 13 years old, so Ms. Margaret is like a real "Mom" to me... and she proves it over and over with her love...

PLEASE Everyone, look around our site, search through our pages and be introduced to our storybook fairytale curly bunnies.

Below are some more wonderful bunny buddies; Sonja, and Larry. We are a team... and I'd like each of them to know how much I value them. I met each of them about 18 months ago. I met Larry a few months before Sonja. Through a mutual friend I was put in touch with Sonja. Sonja has become dedicated to helping me Re~Develop Astrex Rabbits, by keeping developmental stock and helping however she is asked to help. Sonja painstakingly "changes" to suit me hopes and wishes, any little site detail I ask her for... and keeps stock, and helps Larry and I with our own rabbitry sites. Larry... :-) he's our "historian" and sends me a book occasionally, and copies of anything I ask him for... and he's forever on the lookout for me for new "old" books... I think God has blessed us with each other, and we are all devoted to Astrex Development. I think they think of me as "leader" but a leader is only as good as their people... and I've been blessed with not good ones... BUT GREAT ones to help.

Thanks EVERYONE for spending time with us here and browsing. Please enjoy looking and reading.

Rett (Ms. Loretta Ann Bowman)
Cotton Tails & Bunny Hop Farm / Astrex Rabbits

Please see/meet Sonja and her family below and see our Astrex Reading Bookself page to meet Larry:

Sonja, Jake and their son Luke of Mythical Danes Rabbitry in northern Illinois.

Sonja and Jake raise many diffent rabbit breeds and have been involved with Astrex work since their first Astrex, Simon, showed up in 2002. They also share their home with 5 Great Danes, their other passion. Sonja is the site designer for the Astrex Rabbit website.

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Astrex Rabbits

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