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We will be offering some kits / rabbits for minimum fee adoptions, such as $25 to $50 dollars, (expense cost only) to the public for pet house bunnies, pets for kids, etc. with the prepaying to us for spay/nutuering cost/ adoption fees, of any kits or rabbits offered on this page ~~ Astrex Development Excess Stock Non Use Adoption Page.

We are looking forward to placing spayed/nuetured bunnies from our excess non use Astrex stock into a beloved pet homes !! We've come to the conclusion this will be a great way to place some bunnies that have wonderful sweet temperaments and are people socialized, before we are ready to sell or offer breeding pairs, or trios... These bunnies / rabbits will be offered to children, people of all ages, nursing homes that allow pets, children's schools that allow pets, etc. It's basically nearly free adoptions as long as spaying / neutering cost for the buns are prepaid, as all buns we adopt out will be spayed / neutered. We are only charging as adoption fees basic gas cost and after spay / neutering care cost to cover our expensives to and from the vet, or extra care needed, etc.

It's a proven fact that pets calm children, and provide therapy by just our "petting" them... for elderly, or just folks in general :-) Pets give us total unconditional love and support... Amazing things happen when we love a pet. Rabbits make exceptional house pets, as smart as any dog or cat when given the freedom and training we apply to puppies and kittens. House rabbits learn commands, come when called, learn to "beg" for treats, play with toys, carry around stuffed animals, like puppies, and are capable of basically learning just about wherever you take time to teach them ~~

Ripples sitting up on command:
Ahh, Ripples is not up for adoption :-) He's only demonstrating a rabbit command... of "sit up"... He also has made a game he, himself, created of "catch me" tag, in which he carries one of his many stuffed small toy bunnies around the houses and runs around my feet to try to get me to "catch" him...and take his I could not find his many stuffed toys one day... (they are various small stuffed bunnies, teddy bears and socks tied in knots) He had systematically dropped each on into a high pile, between the sofa back and the pedestal of the sofa table which is behind the couch... All in the same exact spot, one on top of the other...He had sat in exactly the same spot on the sofa back and dropped his stuffed toys into one single tall pile, held up by the fact that they were between the sofa back and the pedestal !! He still does things that amazes me even after 3 years of living with him in the house. He "goes to bed" at night by getting into bed (my bed) and stratching back the covers and sitting between the comfort and the pillow... He knows you are supposed to be under the bed Ripples will also alert me to anything by "thumping" and then going in search of the noise. If I tell him "it's ok" he will settle down and forget whatever he heard, because I told him it's ok to not worry about it. Ripples is funny, super intelligent, and sometimes way toooo smart... He hates a broom and attacks it like any puppy would... If he happens to run out of feed in his bowl before feeding time, he tosses his bowl off the desk (yes he eats on a desk) and this means, " Mom, ahhh I'm out of food and need it NOW !! " Ripples also eats cereal at a small table by sitting on the bench and putting his paws on the table beside the bowl and eating his "breakfast".
Did I spoil him? Ahhh, Maybe?? LOL Rett

NOTE: A bit of bunny trivia: It's been scientifically proven that Rabbit DNA is most closely associated with Primate DNA rather than other animal species. Perhaps this would account for a rabbits extremely high intelligence level which rivals a dog or cats?? :-)

If you want / would like to adopt one of our non use stock bunnies or rabbits please email us:

Rett @: or

Please CC copy emails to:
Sonja at:

Thank you most kindly !!
(have you hugged somebunny today??)

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